PINKO has always fully embraced the main international standards to provide responsible corporate management with regard to people, working practices as well as the environment.

The new PINKO headquarters are a 15,000-square-metre facility located in Fidenza, designed by the architect Guido Canali and opened in 2010. Design and state-of-the-art technology merge with the natural landscape embodying the idea of ‘green factory’, where ongoing research and innovation, the idea of sharing and the utmost attention to the human factor come together in making sustainability both a path and a model, built day after day through simple but concrete steps. The PINKO headquarters, a glass and steel structure immersed in nature, blend harmoniously with the surrounding area and feature large windows overlooking the surrounding greenery as well as a 3,500-square-metre roof garden. In addition to the design, administrative and sales offices, the facility includes the model making and development laboratories, the warehouse, the computer engineering department, an auditorium for events and presentations, an on-site nursery and a restaurant area with a café and outdoor dining patio for the fine weather. PINKO promotes low-environmental-impact eco-mobility by providing charge points for electric vehicles within the HQ car parking areas.


All employees are free to bring their four-legged friends with them during working hours.

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In keeping with its eco-friendly spirit and taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies that enable the production of premier materials, PINKO decided to stop making garments with animal fur starting from its Fall Winter 2016 Collection, becoming one of the trailblazers of this trend in the fashion sector

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In June 2018, PINKO started a project for its employees designed to promote health and social sustainability. The initiative, launched in Italy, focuses on people’s all-round psycho-physical health, helping to achieve a better balance between professional and personal well-being. It provides a full package of services designed to raise the employees’ awareness of the importance of prevention and well-being through meetings with doctors, psychotherapists and health-coaches, as well as diagnostic services delivered at the Fidenza HQ or in partnership with top healthcare centres in Italy.

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