REIMAGINE by PINKO X Patrick McDowell

X Patrick McDowell

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”.

The dream of pointe shoes, the tutu, the mirrors, and the smell

of linoleum in the rehearsal room. How many of you used to dream about being


The new PINKO Reimagine collection for the Spring Summer 2024

season has been created precisely from this dream. Designed jointly by Patrick

McDowell and Caterina Negra, it is a true pas de deux, danced on the tiptoes of

the imagination, to the growing rhythm of increasing responsibility in the

fashion world. Even the most difficult choreography always starts with a

combination of individual steps, doesn’t it?

Pink ballet ribbons, organic cotton tulle, fabrics recovered

from the PINKO archive and the new bow print. Once again, the Reimagine capsule

collection combines sustainability and total originality, with a wardrobe made

up of pieces created to enhance the uniqueness of the wearer. From the shiny

bomber jacket to the fitted blazer, and from wide-leg trousers, now must-haves

in this collection, to the tulle skirt and workwear suit: the clothes we wear

reveal our true essence, leaving us free to express who we are, showcasing the

strength of our Fearless Beauty.


PINKO. For Fearless Beauty.

With this capsule collection, the PINKO Reimagine project

is back to its true essence through a story of Fearless Beauty.

A real ode to dance, written by a group of dancers who embody the vibrant and inclusive spirit of the collection. 

Camilla, Johara, Alice, Pietro and Corinne are an explosion of energy and passion, depicting different dance styles and highlighting the importance of inclusiveness, embracing our individuality and self-expression. Wearing the Reimagine capsule is the commitment to an environment in which everyone feels seen and recognised, to express themselves freely.

Whether on a stage, in a rehearsal room or anywhere – no matter the location, their love for dance ensures that they always find a place to do it, inspiring others to do the same.

Johara, choreographic dance

“I don't think I have just one inspiration… I'm inspired by unique people!


Camilla, contemporary dance

"For me, Fearless Beauty is about being ourselves, and wearing what we like most without being afraid of other people's judgement. If you look at yourself and say "OK, I'm alright", you come out proud and you're not afraid."


Pietro, jazz-funk style

"My inspiration is freedom."


Alice, groovy hip-hop, fusion

“For me, Fearless Beauty means being UNAPOLOGETIC: confident in my identity.”


Corinne, hip hop

"I don't have any precise inspiration: I see people at a specific moment who inspire me."