We meet the needs of all independent, strong and sexy women who state their personality above all through style. Fearlessly. This is the PINKO spirit. 

Our favourite accessory? Love. That love that explodes in your chest, that free love, that love that changes everything. The love that breaks taboos, that disowns stereotypes, that manifests itself in diversity. Every day we dress you in this love with our Love Bag, which reveals its versatile side through its thousand expressions: classic and mini, Baby, Big Soft, Puff, rucksack, flap bag, Smart Bag and Roller Bag.

But we don't limit ourselves to just bags. With PINKO, you are free to be who you are by enhancing your femininity through every detail. So why not wear très chic footwear, like a pair of sparkling boots and dance all night? Or give your suit an informal touch with a pair of sneakers? No limit, no barrier. Let your belt out a notch, loosen your legs, relax your arm and neck muscles and get ready: there are so many and so irresistible PINKO accessories that a full day won’t be enough to pick out your favourites!

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