A fiery sunset in the wilderness of mesmerizing colors is the backdrop to the PINKO Woman in the new Spring Summer 2020 Campaign and frames the glamorous, gritty and rock femininity of the new protagonist: Lily Aldridge, model, businesswoman, mother and woman who embodies the brand's now beauty.

Fringes and a masculine jacket. Bright sequins and dark leather. Rodeo-style boots, belt and hat are teamed with sensual denim. This is Lily's look, as she mounts a unique mechanical bull: it was made specially for the campaign, inspired by the shape and detailing of the Love Bag Mix Studs.

The looks are a spontaneous expression of femininity, where personality is key, and movement adds a new dimension to the images. It's the PINKO message: to be in a safe place where you can be creative without being judged and where you are free to choose.