PINKO Uniqueness

Spring Summer 2019

Reinterpretation of a classic ‘50s world with a “millennials” slant. Danny and Sandy meet again at school after the end of summer and re-ignite - after many vicissitudes - the love story that they believed they had lost after the holidays. The new PINKO Uniqueness collection is inspired by the romantic, dreamy, youthful and sparkling atmosphere of the iconic musical Grease.

""We go together"", ""Babes Only"", ""Summer Loving"": PINKO Uniqueness never loses sight of its romantic vein and is expressed by a precise and super-feminine image where each item stands out as special.

"The story of summer love between the two teenagers is told using prints decorated with shiny embroidery work, pastels, Fifties volumes and lace, made fun by the volumes of the jackets, shirts and dresses reinvented with a college flavour. In the blink of an eye we are back at an American diner with the T-Birds and Pink Ladies sipping a chocolate milkshake!"