Spring Summer 2019: this is the right time to take your sneakers out of the gym. Seen on the most important catwalks during the fashion weeks, or at the most exclusive after-parties and outside the show venues, the sneakers are finally free to walk among the cities in the world, as the ultimate protagonists of the coolest street styles. Better if super colourful and slightly oversized, daddy-like design.

The new Spring Summer 2019 collection has arrived, bringing the new #PINKOShoesToRock into light: sneakers designed to rock your look and your steps as well!

The new #PINKOShoesToRock sneakers are more than a pair of simple oversize-designed gym shoes: they feature an exclusive and innovative running sole, realized by assembling four hyper technological different materials together. As a result, the sneakers are lighter, despite their oversize design, more durable and comfortable, no matter how many steps you take.

The four-component sole maximizes also the personalization’s possibilities: colors, iridescent pearl-effects, logos… and this is just the beginning of the #PINKOShoesToRock sneakers’ story! Available in the classic monochrome total black or white, the #PINKOShoesToRock come also in different color combinations, the most daring pairs include also an unmistakable trait of the brand’s DNA: an animal-printed (zebra or snake) insert or all-over rhinestone applications!