The Manifesto

The Manifesto



It all started from a family.

Family is about caring: we protect each other and we try to do the best we can to make everyone feel accepted, because they are part of something important.


Our work ethics reflects our inclusive family culture.

We care about our craft, our people, our environment, our communities.

We are honest and as transparent as we can be.

Here is where #PINKOtakecare is born as a starting point for a bigger path that we aim to build together season after season, collection after collection.


The road is long and there are many things to do, but here is where we begin.


We are here to take care of what we do, to take action, to improve ourselves and to inspire others to do the same: these are our Acts of Love.

We take care of our Environment, trying to be more and more sustainable: we have already gone completely fur free and we are introducing different recycled, upcycled elements in our collections.

We take care of our Community, supporting our local realities and helping them grow, when we can. 

We take care of our People, starting from our employees and aiming to go forward.

We have plenty of ideas and projects in our mind, and as the family we are, we don’t give up, even though the challenge is hard.

It’s time to take care: will you join the family?