A beautiful weave: PINKO X Maglidee sweaters, launched in 2020, support Cooperativa Fiorente, a social project initiated in Parma addressed to women who have had a difficult past and who plan to pick up their lives again.

A story where craftsmanship, territory and solidarity intertwine to form a single weave: PINKO shakes hands with Maglidee, a social project initiated in Parma in 2014 within Cooperative Fiorente. This “multiple-strand” project addresses women who have had a difficult past and who plan to pick up their lives again and put themselves back out in the community by learning the art of knitwear.


With the help, support and experience of Olga, Oxana and Paola, three women in the project, collaboration with PINKO commenced, starting with a special capsule collection of 100 sweaters, each numbered with a dedicated tag, designed and made by hand inside the cooperative. The eco-sustainable wool yarn makes the round-neck sweater exquisite, with its feminine cable stitch sleeves featuring embroidery work depicting women’s faces.


The strand of creativity and craftsmanship is permanently bound to that of commitment and solidarity, and the project in collaboration with Maglidee does not stop here. With the new Fall-Winter 2020-2021 collection, there are two more sweaters on the way, a turtleneck and a V-neckline model, with which PINKO undertakes to donate a percentage of the sales proceeds to Cooperativa Fiorente so that it can continue to grow and evolve to help more and more women tie the strands of their existence back up and carry forward the knitwear tradition.


It is the patience of the craftspeople, of the women who have gotten involved in this special collaboration that makes each garment and the project itself unique: “taking care” of yourself, of what you do and of how you do it.