The partnership between PINKO and Italia Independent continues with the collection for fall/winter 2016.

A line of sunglasses designed and developed to add the finishing touch to a total look: sunglasses are an intrinsic part of the collection and are designed to reflect the trends and the mood of the season, underscoring the personality and the femininity of the women who choose to wear them, while giving them a booster shot of urban cool and mystery.
“THE PINKO INVASION” shares the DNA of PINKO and benefits from the expertise of Italia Independent: the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, accessible luxury, style and technology. Together, PINKO and Italia Independent have reworked the idea of classic sunglasses, coming up with a perfect blend of style, innovation, quality and research.

The sunglasses are a unique mix of expertise and technology, making full use of the innovative features and special finishes developed by ITALIA INDEPENDENT, and colour – animal prints and patterns with contrasting pop shades – underlining the creative flair that is the norm at PINKO.

“THE PINKO INVASION” collection is available in all PINKO stores.
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