Shine in your shoes!

Life is too frantic for glass slippers! This is what gave Pinko the idea for Shine Baby Shine: to give women a modern version of a glass slipper.

They have the feeling of a trainer and are breathable, with a stretch neoprene upper to make them easy to wear, and non-slip soles, but it’s the embellishment that make both versions extra special precious: Gem is covered in colourful crystals, and Sequins has a Vichy pattern awash with glittering sequins.

Pink and yellow, white and fuchsia, silver, red, pale blue: this spring the Shine Baby Shine rainbow is made up of 24 sparkling colours.

finishes with leather, embroidery
and rhinestones for unique accessories

the tooling was made exclusively for PINKO at its specialised manufacturing premises

and sporty, oozing with appeal for a 24/7 look
Shine Baby Shine, the new BFF of sensual femininity, where the sartorial  savoir faire of the world of couture lives alongside the comfort of a sneaker with its strongly technical air.
Bon ton for the office with a little flared dress; with leather trousers to make you feel like a rock star, or full of chic appeal with evening wear.
Shine Baby Shine is the shoe that never sleeps, always perfect, always ready to go.
Because life is too short for glass slippers..
A cascade of sparkling crystal-cut rhinestones to give even the most solemn look a touch of bling, ideal 24/7 so you can go straight from work to drinks with friends.
An explosion of rhinestones and sequins bursting out of the closet: Shine Baby Shine sneakers give your look a shot of bubbly and unexpected positive energy.
Special and original, Shine Baby Shine sneakers can also be worn with an evening dress: a flash of capricious femininity to give any look a touch of spunky charm..
From the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand comes Shine Baby Shine.
A collection that meets every woman’s need for comfort and speed but that does not lend itself to the functional minimalism of sports sneakers. Maintaining the same shape as a running shoe, PINKO has revolutionised the contents and translated them into its own language using the manufacturing techniques of couture tradition.
In the rhinestone model, the sole made of practical non-slip rubber merges with a stretch neoprene upper decorated by sparkling rhinestones, attached by hand. The sequins sneaker takes a classic vichy pattern and unexpectedly puts it together with sequin embroidery delicately hand-stitched in Italy. Shine Baby Shine perfectly combines the PINKO spark of sensuality with the sartorial savoir faire of the world of couture and the most traditional Italian manufacturing flair. Italian products that are both beautiful and well made decorate every moment of daily life with light and colour.

Watch the videos and discover what is hiding behind the Shine Baby Shine sneakers.
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Find out who was the first to wear Shine Baby Shine sneakers.
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No-one would argue that the needs of modern women have evolved, and so their footwear has to be more flexible and eclectic, giving them a look that is perfect whatever the occasion.  Bon ton for work with a little flared dress, rock chick with leather trousers, or chic with an evening dress. But most of all, what women wear on their feet has to give them an extra touch of femininity.

The “Shine Baby Shine” footwear collection cleverly brings together a sensuous sparkle with the sartorial savoir faire of the world of Couture and the comfort of a sneaker  with its strongly technical air.

The “Shine Baby Shine” styles are not fiddly to put on either because they have a stretch neoprene upper, a non slip rubber sole and they’re also made of breathable materials. Their finishes are entirely hand crafted, from the seams to the special embroidery done exclusively in Italy by the experts.

The collection is available in two finishes and seven colours so these little gems can be worn whatever the mood. The practical rubber sole and neoprene upper of the Gem sneaker are combined with the glamour of the sparkling rhinestones, all attached by hand. The Sequins sneaker, on the other hand, takes a classic vichy pattern and unexpectedly puts it together with delicately hand-stitched, sequin embroidery.

The “Shine Baby Shine” sneakers make any women feel more confident of her sensuality and charm, because no one has time for little glass slippers nowadays.

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